Led Zeppelin Tribute

Experience Led Zeppelin - The Hindenburg Project

Bob Brewer - Robert Plant

Bob Brewer BioVocals

Bob Brewer has been around the DFW music scene for quite a while. Many know him as B.O.B. (long before the rapper stole it) and many musicians know him as "bullit98" from is profile on bandmix.com. Either way most people know him through his ability to nail Plant live just like the studio versions of the songs. He's been a fan of Plant's since he was, well old enough to know who Plant was and has been a huge fan of Zeppelin's music over the years. The Hindenburg Project is an outlet to show his appreciation and share it at the same time.


Chris Manning - Jimmy Page

Chris Manning BioGuitar

Chris Manning is a Dallas-based guitarist, session player, and veteran of the Dallas music scene. As a guitarist with a wide-variety of musical tastes (Page, Hendrix, King's X, Deep Purple, Joe Satriani, and George Lynch), Chris' style balances technique and melody allowing him to present an authentic version of Jimmy Page's greatest riffs. In addition to fronting his own band, the Chris Manning Band, he has released four guitar-oriented instrumental CD's spanning multiple genres and shared stages with Drowning Pool, George Lynch and Lynch Mob, Michael Schenker, Yngwie Malmsteen, Dokken, Stephan Pearcy (Ratt), and Dangerous Toys. Chris was also featured in the December 2008 issue of Guitar Player magazine showcasing his song "Journey to Tomorrow" from The Road Back. Chris' versatility, technique, and tone provide the perfect balance to Bob Brewer's soaring Plant-like vocals.


Randy Ranew - John Paul Jones

Randy Ranew BioBass

Randy Ranew first started listening to Led Zeppelin when he was 12 yrs old, and since then has seen Robert Plant and Jimmy Page perform live more than 20 times! Originally from El Paso, TX, Randy is relatively new to the DFW music scene. Classically trained in New York City by jazz bassist Jerry Rizzi, Randy has developed into a bassist with a braod range of techniques and disciplines as well as accruing a background in musical theory. He has spent the last five years playing with the very successful blues group Jimi and the Blues Dogs and is a great addition to The Hindenburg Project. Randy plays Fender's only 5 string/24 fret bass ever made, the Fender Jazz Bass 24, in production for just two years.


Brian Martini - John Bonham

Brian Martini BioDrums

Martini has covered a lot of musical ground during his tenure behind the kit, and words like solid, powerful, and creative only begin to describe his talents. In his earlier years as a rock and hard rock player, his bed-rock sound was always an integral part of any band he was in. He really hit his stride with the Christian rock band Philadelphia, when the band received national recognition with two Top 20 radio air play songs from their debut album. The song "Tell the Truth" reached the number two slot for several weeks. His fully customized and rather elaborate stage setup of those days went seamlessly with his over-the-top playing style. No other drummer in this genre could deny that Martini's performances with Philadelphia were anything less than a sonic and visual display of skill mixed with a genuine love for the music. Martini has grown over the years musically, performing in many classic rock and hard rock cover bands. Now, coming full circle, Martini is performing the music of one of the most influential drummers of his life time, and perhaps of all time, John Henry Bonham. As the drummer for The Hindenburg Project, and an original founding member of THP, Martini is dedicated to the details of John Bonham’s technique, power, and intense live performances. Martini believes that a tribute to the music of Led Zeppelin should be performed at the highest level, and should honor Led Zeppelin. As with any musician, music is a passion-driven force from within; truer words could not be used to describe Brian Martini.