Led Zeppelin Tribute

Led Zeppelin Tribute The Hindenburg Project - Testimonials

The Hindenburg Project has an ever growing list of satisfied clients, club owners, fans, and event planners. Check out these quotes and testimonials from past events.

"It was a pleasure to hear the band. Bo and Jim told me you were good and I agree! I especially liked The Ocean, Immigrant Song - they were all very good. Also love your instruments and the Marshall stacks are very eye catching and effective in your show. Keep grinding away. And thanks for ALL you do!" - Ted McKay (Lonestar 92.5FM)

"Taking all of the risks of covering the great Robert Plant, this band just doesn’t miss. If you were at Byrdfest 7, then you know these guys steal the show. Their sound is one of the most authentic to Led Zeppelin that we have come across. See them Live at Byrdfest 8." - Deadhead Productions

"I'm amazed at the sound you guys are able to reproduce with just the four of you. I've never heard the studio Zeppelin performed live that well... please give your guitar player a pat on the back for me, you can tell just by listening to him play that he's very talented -- and he's definitely done his homework as well!" - George Grexa, owner of Acoustic USA Bass Amps and Cabinets

"My Led Zeppelin Tribute is the Best. The Hindenburg Project 'killed it'! Yeah!" - Krishna Stacey, Talent Buyer- House of Blues Dallas

"These guys are fucking great!" - Stephen Pearcy (Ratt)

"You guys are awesome! Thought I'd never see Zep in my lifetime - but I was wrong!!!!!!" - Ricky Green (Lubbock)

Experience Led Zeppelin: The Hindenburg Project

"On Good Day Lubbock this hour: The Hindenburg Project: Tribute to Led Zeppelin. They're killer good." - James Eppler (Managing Editor and Anchor for Good Day Lubbock and Entertainment Editor for FOX 34 News)

"Just want to say thank you guys for the face melting concert at Byrdfest 8. I hope to see you around the Dallas area some time before the next fest. keep up the awesome job you be doing." - Michael Morrison

"So, WOW!!! needed to stop by and thank you guys for the AMAZING show you guys delivered to our flock down at Byrdfest 8...Super special thanks for absolutely rocking out my favorite 'What is and what should never be' < > it was everything and more than I expected...you guys have soul that was felt by all...and you just kept on giving...it just was perfect...hands down, one of the best live shows we've seen...truly looking forward to the next time we get to see you guys. Peace & Love" - Marina

"I spent 20 minutes in the dim light after the show ended picking up all the pieces of my face you rocked off." (Byrdfest8) - Lana May Sykes

"I had the pleasure to see you all play at byrds fest, and that was absolutely the best show/ performance I've ever had the privilege of seeing! f***ing magical!" - Shannon Lambert

"You sound just like Robert Plant. Awesome show, cant wait to see you all again". - Jeremy Mifflin

"Best Zeppelin Tribute I've ever seen. Please come back to the next one (Byrdfest)"! - Robyn DeLacy-Kelly

"Wow. Caught you guys at Byrdfest. Closed my eyes and swore you were Led Zeppelin". - Bruce Plummer

"Best Led Zeppelin covers I've ever heard. Spot on Plant vocal performance dude! Incredible! Buy your guitar man a shot for me also! Faithful Page tribute! God bless". - Steve Morin

"You guys blew The Foundation Room (House of Blues) Up last night! Then when Steven Pearcy joined in it was A BOMB! Great Job! Thoroughly enjoyed it!" - Kevin Rucker

"Jon Walker you must bring these guys back...my soul is still swirling from all the awesome that is The Hindenburg Project. I could have died happy after hearing them play. I think I had a couple of heart attacks during their set. Love love love"! - Kimbo Gunter Smootz

"I was having dinner with some friends Saturday night at the House of Blues. Unable to actually see the band from my table I was able to hear you guys. I was simply amazed how much you guys sound just like Led Zeppelin! I was jamming, singing, bobbing my head and playing my air guitar. When I was a teenager I loved rock, especially Led. I'm looking forward to hearing you guys again. Rock on!" - Kim Green Standley

"Fascistic show! You guys worked so awesome with the crowd. Thanks for all the extra tunes". - Amanda Lankford

"Thanks for not wearing wigs and not having fake accents!!!! Ya'll rocked and blew us away... You guys were badass!!!" - Roger O'Donnell

"Chris. I just wanna say that you truly inspire me after seeing you at Byrdfest 7. That was absolutely amazing. I hope someday to rock as hard and efficiently as you. I've been leaning more into the slide lately but your Page chops are truly magnificent. It was an honor to hear you play. Thank you". - Trevor Jones

"These guys were A-MA-ZING!!!" - Kim Marie Williams

"Wow. Wow. WOW!!!!!! Please make your way up to Missouri. My dad is disabled and cannot travel to Arkansas like I can. It would mean so much for him to see you & your band mates. I recorded parts of your show and he absolutely loved it. No video does justice to how you guys perform though!!! What an amazing night!! Thank you sooooo much!!!!" - Lana Mae Sikes

"You guys were everything we had ever hoped for! Great great show!" - Jacob Pemberton

"Uh, that was indeed EPIC. When can you come back? WOW"! - Byrd's Adventure Center (Ozark, Ark)

"Thank u so much for that AWESOME experience! That was the first live Zeppelin i've ever seen and u guys blew my mind"! - Sugar Glyder Harper

"The best Led Zeppelin tribute band I've ever heard. I am amazed how much you guys sound like Led Zeppelin." - Curtis Mitchell (Dallas)

"I had the opportunity to check out these guys recently and let me say that I just couldn't believe what I was hearing. They have the ability to produce the sound of the classic Zepp songs I grew up with, and do it with amazing Plant-like vocals and very credible musicianship." - T.D. Martin

"Saw you at Party in the Pines Rally. Dam, you guys got that ZEP Sound DOWN! If I closed my eyes me and the wife both said"the singer has Robert Plant's Tone, Clarity, Resonance" ! You got it RIGHT!" - 84 DB Band (Reverb Nation)

If Zeppelin is your band or if you are a real classic rock fan look no further. After playing in many weddings and concerts myself there was no way I could have a wedding with a D.J. or a typical wedding band so I began looking online for tribute bands all over the country. At first I wasn't optimistic about finding a tribute band that would truly do justice to Zeppelin but my ears were pleasantly surprised to find the Hindenburg Project. My husband actually calls me his groupie bride now because on the day of the wedding these guys sounded so good I could not stop dancing and I could not leave the first row in front of the band. Bob's voice was identical to the classic Robert Plant, Jimmy Page I mean Chris had us all in awe on guitar, and Randy did John Paul Jones proud. Everyone from the wedding was blown away and they can't stop talking about it. I highly recommend these guys if you're looking for a sound that will take you back to Zeppelin's glory days." - Cristina Rouse (Bride) Austin, Texas

"Thank you guys for an incredible show. You were dead on. It was a pleasure to announce for you and it was more than a pleasure to experience the show. And thanks for digging deep into such a catalog of music and pulling out the not always obvious. Can't wait til next time." - Carey Dean (The Ranch 106.9 FM Corsicana, morning show co-host)

"You guys were phenomenal saw you in Corsicana last night at the Remington. Insane show look forward to seeing you play in the future. Big fans!" - Dusty Knight Parish (Corsicana)

"I drove all the way from Shreveport to see The Hindenburg Project. They knocked it right out of the park. The sound man got so excited he recorded them. He said he normally doesn't do that." - Ron Petitt, Fan/Musician